“Condition in which someone experiences things through their senses in an unusual way, for example by experiencing a color as a sound, or a number as a position in space. A person with synesthesia may see, for example, the number 2 as a green number and the number 5 as a red number.”
-Cambridge Dictionary

“Some artists have a nervous hand at drawing, which gives their technique something of the sound peculiar to a violin…”
-Vincent Van Gogh

The body of work shown on this page was created using my synesthetic interpretation of music as inspiration, where each piece relates to a different song. I used the colors and motion of the song (as I see it in my head) to create a visual experience of the music.

Think about the differences in the way we experience the world. Even at a sensory level, we see, taste, or hear the world differently. It is as though our brains are making order out of the chaos around us in different ways. I sometimes light my artwork on fire, which provides chaos. After the burn, I add intricate details, making order out of the chaos.

-Julia Hamilton