We all have boundaries and ways of defending our personal space when someone gets too close or touches us inappropriately. We share this trait—that of requiring space—with most fine artwork. Her Space is a multi-sensory installation piece with personality. By incorporating sound, movement, lights, and motion sensors, I have given this piece a persona that is similar to my own. A visitor employs multiple senses to perceive this piece, while she (the artwork) detects the visitor’s presence using her sensors. She has a colorful inner self that contrasts with the relatively drab world around her, and she loves sharing her vibrant experiences with the world. The environment around her is expressed as a neutral toned, coarse textured painting, while her vibrant inner being consists of bright lights. She is friendly and she enjoys visitors as long as they respect her space. Get too close and she shuts down. Yet she is also forgiving so after time has passed and the transgressor has backed away, she comes back to life, ready once again to share her world.

I embrace chaos by lighting my artwork on fire.