Artist Statement & Portfolio

I embrace chaos by lighting my artwork on fire. By allowing fire to move and blend alcohol inks in unexpected ways, I give my artwork over to the whim of the flames. This process is freeing to me, as I spent decades making tightly controlled paintings and drawings. I knew exactly what the piece would look like when I started. My new process is much more exciting. The unpredictability of the fire forces me to be more spontaneous.

I take inspiration from science, nature, and the universe. I enjoy the constant push and pull of order and chaos found in nature—the opposing forces that make our existence on Earth possible. Our sun is an example of perfectly balanced order and chaos—it would explode without its intense gravity, and it would become a black hole if its gravity went unchecked by its explosive nature. My artwork expresses my fascination with the endless tango of chaos and order.  

-Julia Hamilton