Artist Statement & Portfolio

My passion is creating art that is intriguing, meaningful, and a treat to explore. My artwork is inspired by subjects that I find fascinating, such as the universe, science, and my own synesthesia. I want to provide you with a window into my world through my artwork.

I consider myself to be a scientific artist. Science and art are a natural fit for me. I love learning about scientific discoveries. I am also blessed with synesthesia, which is a crossing of the senses. To me, every letter and every number is synonymous with a color. I cannot see or think of 5 without seeing red, for example, or M without blue. Hearing music is also a colorful experience for me. I often use music as inspiration for my artwork.

I work mostly in alcohol ink on clay board. I often light the alcohol ink on fire to add texture to the board. The fire introduces an element of chaos to the piece, which I enjoy. I use various combinations of felt pen, oil pastels, and air brush to complete the piece after the burn.

My drawing style is art nouveau. Given that I am incorporating loose abstract shapes into my work, I call it “Art Nouveau for the 21st Century.”

I always get lost working on my artwork. Time escapes me, and I enter a world of mesmerizing shapes. Some people get lost exploring my artwork, and some people find things in my art. Through my artwork, I find myself. I hope you will join me in exploring the universe, science, and my colorful existence through my artwork.

-Julia Hamilton