Anxiety 36x36 300dpi 3pct Noise Reduction for web.jpg



By Julia Hamilton, 2018
36 x 36 Inches
Mixed Media: Alcohol Ink, Fire, Acrylics, Felt Pen, & Airbrush
Muse: Anxiety has a way of unexpectedly taking hold of my mind, affecting my vision in unsettling ways as it lifts the thin veil of consciousness.

Apart Photo.jpg


By Julia Hamilton, 2017
Approximately 24 x 24 Inches
Mixed Media Installation: Alcohol Ink, Fire, and Felt Pen
Muse: Some people experience the world in a different way. We tend to assume that we are all perceiving the world in the same way, but then one realizes that their experience is different. That instant of realization is a turning point. 



By Julia Hamilton, 2014
24 x 24 Inches
Felt Pen Drawing
Muse: I created this piece because I wanted to capture those brief seconds between being asleep and being fully awake, the mingling of consciousness and dreams, and the precarious nature of the memory of a dream. 

Disintegration 24x24 72dpi.jpg


By Julia Hamilton, 2017
24 x 24 Inches
Mixed Media: Alcohol Ink, Fire, Pencil, & Airbrush
Muse: Sometimes it feels like the world as we know it is falling apart.


The Edge of Time

By Julia Hamilton, 2016
16 x 16 Inches
Felt Pen Drawing
Muse: Only now is real. The future is unknown, and the past is fading.



By Julia Hamilton, 2014
30 x 30 Inches
Felt Pen Drawing
Muse: A promising young life is headed for greatness as a result of a tragedy in the distant past. After the passage of time, the legacy is revealed, and sadness is tempered by hope for the future.  

Metamorphosis 12x12 72dpi.jpg


By Julia Hamilton, 2016
12 x 12 Inches
Mixed Media: Alcohol Inks, Watercolors, & Oil Pastels
Muse: Out of a white cocoon, brilliant energy emerges.

Quantum Flux.jpg

Quantum Flux

By Julia Hamilton, 2012
30 x 30 Inches
Felt Pen Drawing
Muse: Within a tiny fraction of a second, the universe was born. The technical term for the creation of something from nothing is "Quantum Fluctuation." I created this piece because I wanted to try to visualize this incredible phenomenon.

Trail Blazer 30x30 72dpi.jpg


By Julia Hamilton, 2016
30 x 30 Inches
Mixed Media: Felt Pen Drawing with Alcohol Ink & Fire
Muse: How can such a tiny insect retrace his steps after a such a long journey? The steps in life's journey can never be retraced. 



By Julia Hamilton, 2015
30 x 30 Inches
Mixed Media: Felt Pen and Alcohol Ink
Muse: Muse: The universe is expanding, but for how long? Astronomers predict that we may enter a contraction phase in the distant future. This image depicts this spectacular phase transition.